Text:  John 3:8

Your words are more spiritual, potent and impactful than you realise. When you understand the importance and nature of words, you will not trivialise them or treat them casually (John 6:63). The fact that you cannot see words does not mean that they are not real. Words can be likened to the wind; you can hear and feel it but you cannot see it. Remember that the unseen world created the seen world. In the realm of the unseen, words are real (John 1:1; Prov. 18:21). Words come from your heart and they are a projection of who you are on the inside. Your words show if you are a victor or a victim. (Matt. 12:34). Words are powerful! If you want to change what you say, you have to change your belief system. Words do not work until they are in perfect alignment with your heart. In the spiritual realm, words have force and they have the capacity to make things happen.

When God speaks and when you speak, angels move (Ps. 103:20). When Jesus was on the earth, He moved demons and cast them out only with His words. At the beginning of creation, the Holy Spirit was present but dormant until God spoke. The spiritual world is moved by words (Gen. 1: 2-3; Hebrews 11: 3). You can literally create your world with your words. With words you either curse or bless. When you bless, you introduce spiritual resources and entities into the recipient’s affairs. When you curse, you impose limitations and introduce spiritual forces into people’s lives to hamper and hinder them. In Bible times, people understood the import of words as demonstrated in the case of Isaac, Esau and Jacob. Isaac wanted to bless Esau as the firstborn but Jacob cunningly received the blessing instead. When Esau arrived, he craved his father’s blessing which could not be replicated. Esau wept because he knew that his father’s blessing was not just ordinary words; they had the power to transform his life.

Jacob was a man who learnt about the importance of words the hard way. In spite of the prophecy that there were two nations in their mother’s womb, Esau and Jacob were named according the circumstances of their birth. Esau was so named because he was hairy while Jacob means “supplanter”. For a long time in Jacob’s life, he felt he always had to scheme to get ahead even though God had promised to bless him. Years later, Jacob was instructed by God to leave Laban and go back to Canaan. On his way back, while alone after sending his family across the brook Jabbok, Someone showed up at night. Jacob wrestled with the Man; not realising that it was God who had shown up to help him. It wasn’t until morning before Jacob yielded to God and got his name changed to Israel meaning “prince with God” (Genesis 32).

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If you are going to change your circumstances, you must change your words. Call yourself who God calls you. Say what you’ve heard God say about your life as He inspires you. Your level of authority will determine the impact of your words.