A few days ago, we sent out the word, “The Boko Haram Trojan” the last section of which was subtitled “A Weather Forecast.”  There, I had announced: “I look into the skies again and my worries have resumed because of ominous clouds I see over the last two weeks of this month; uniquely the ninth month, a birth month potent with the associated travails of delivery.” Based on that vision, we had begun to pray and also called out intercessors to take days from the 15th of this month of September, to stand in the gap.  Then I saw ominous clouds, but now it seems it has already begun to rain, even before the dates we had picked to commence the watch.  

                It often takes a little spark to ignite a big fire.  The clouds of which I spoke had been over south-eastern Nigeria.  Unpleasant focus has for long been on the north-east with its prolonged Boko Haram saga.  It would appear that the focus is about to shift to the south-east, unless God hears prayers to intervene. We speak about lives, and I speak of what I see.  A few recent developments are too coincidental to be without the warned omen.  

                The Nigerian army had given notice that it would commence a military drill code-named “Python Dance II,” from September 15 to October 14, 2017, in collaboration with other security and intelligence agencies, specifically in the five south-eastern Igbo states of Nigeria.  That military drill has officially not taken off, yet the atmosphere is already unsettled, with incendiary casualties reported in Imo and Abia states.  Also in Obigbo, Port Harcourt, the news this morning has reported 13 casualties from an Arewa/IPOB clash yesterday that also left some properties in flames.  The Arewa leader on radio reported that they had buried three of their own.  The other dead, according to the report, were taken away by the military.  Maybe those were casualties of Trojan soldiers in military gear.

                I knew nothing of the proposed military operation nor its dates when we published that word and took the prayer schedule from September 15.  God knew.  When thereafter I read the Army’s notice of intent to perform that drill, which is said to be targeted at arresting criminal activities like robbery, kidnapping, assassinations, secessionist activities, etc., I was more uncomfortable.  Once more, pardon the these “unpopular ears,” for “We do not always hear the same things even when we might be hearing the same voice.”   

                About that proposed dance of a python – I worry when serpents dance – a few concerned voices have also wondered if such hardware as armoured tanks and all the other paraphernalia of battle that have been rolled out were needful in curtailing civil criminalities like robbery, which would seem to be part of what the police should handle.  They argue that there appears to be more than meets the eyes in what they have described as a provocative exercise capable of escalating tensions in a volatile season.   Should the report of skirmishes be mishandled by the media, should Arewa Youths commence their October 1 eviction threat to Ibos in the form of ‘reprisal’ casualties, should the Ibos therefore flee homewards and find their doors barred by those they distrust, or should their exodus be represented as an invasion or disruption of the dancing python…. more blood… more tears… late prayers…

                I received SMS from one intercessor in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State in the south-east, that there is tension and some distress, or “suffering,” but they have undertaken to commence three days of prayer and fasting from tomorrow, 14th September.  In the same respect, in concluding the prayer calendar from the 15th, the Church in Port Harcourt meets for a vigil on Saturday, September 30, with the Wailing Women Worldwide at Cornerstone Foundation in D/Line, from 10pm.  Should the Lord stir your heart to join in this prayer call, we shall be glad to know that you are also on the watch.

                Occasionally somebody sends me their dream or vision of national proportion that demands prayers.  Lately, there have been or there continues to be multiple revelations on the theme of bloody aggression against the Church in Nigeria; an aggression largely assuming a north-south, Christian-Muslim frame.  In virtually every congregation, there have been no less than 10% of the people who have had such a dream or trance or ‘burden’ in the past six months.  It is not just a south-east or north/south matter.  The Church has been under siege. If God didn’t want us to pray, or if we have prayed enough and already averted that cloud, those revelations should not have been so rampant and so persistent.  I have also been sent a more graphic vision that another brother had since received, for which he had been fasting all through August, and into September.  The clear voice of God had urged him to warn of a coming bombardment and mass deaths out of proportion to what the military would claim they had been curtailing – in the east.  Trojan horses on the loose.

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation (Matthew 26:41).  

From The Preachers Diary,

September 13, 2017.