There is no doubt that God is currently shaking all things and judging the nations of the earth.

A notable Jewish prophet of God by name, Lance Lambert some 30 years ago (April 1986) prophesied about this in a solemn gathering of about 153 prophets from 40 countries of the world in Mount Carmel in Jerusalem. (SEE APPENDIX 1)

He saw this time in which we presently live and described it as a – time of unparalled upheaval and turmoil. He also called it -the day of trouble and evil. He added that it will be a period characterized by:-

 War and civil wars
 Anarchy
 Terrorism
 Monetary collapses
 Natural disasters
 Shortages and famines
 Old and new diseases
 Lawlessness
 Loveless selfishness
 Delusion
 Believing a lie
 False religion
 Apostate church
 Christianity without Christ
 Islamic revolution

Understanding and embracing this prophecy has become vital in equipping and repositioning the church to pray aright in times like this.

For us in Nigeria, you will agree that we have had more than a fair share of this shaking and judgment. It has become so palpable that virtually everybody now feels the brunt of it.

In the midst of these shaking and turmoil however, the desire of God is to raise an overcoming people who will wield unprecedented spiritual power over their nation.

And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations – (REV. 2:26 NKJV)

This is therefore the time of the manifestations of the “Daniel” Church, the “Joseph” Church and the “Esther” Church. A Church that will take responsibility for Nigeria rather than being seduced and weakened by the wine and delicacies of the king. The Church that is not sleeping with Portiphar’s wife and the Church that has overcome disunity and is committed in the place of prayer and fasting. This period of time should actually be the best moments of the Church.
If Daniel, Joseph and Esther could succeed in turning Babylon, Egypt and Persia respectively into the domains of God’s kingdom, then the transformation of Nigeria is possible. All that is required is for us to become a breed of men and women who are like Daniel, Joseph and Esther.

Let me encourage you to freely print, photocopy and circulate this Prayer Guide widely among praying people and local assemblies. This particular Prayer Guide will serve for the months of April and May 2016.

God bless all who contribute to these Prayer Guide as well as those who diligently use them.


National Coordinator.

1ST APRIL – 31ST MAY 2016



The level of order, discipline, obedience and consecration amongst believers today is alarmingly very low. God is calling for a deeper level of consecration and circumcision in the church because of what He plans to use us to accomplish in His end time agenda. Notice that the closer God draws you to Himself, the more restrictions, He puts on your life. Let us therefore begin this month’s prayer with personal prayers of consecration.

Take this song three or four times

Touch me one more time oh Lord!
Touch me one more time oh Lord!
I need the touch of the Master
I need the touch from Above
Touch me one more time oh Lord!

Read 1 PETER 2:1
First of all, acknowledge and confess every known Personal sins, transgressions faults and flaws.

Be specific and detailed – Malice, Deceit, Hypocrisy, Envy, Hatred, Complaining, Murmuring, Lies, White Lies, Half Truth, Jealousy, Emotional Infidelity, Pride, Arrogance, Financial Impropriety, Flippancy, Prayerlessness, Gossiping, Anger, Quarrelling, Lateness to Appointments, Unfaithfulness, Stubbornness, Disrespectfulness, Disloyalty, Rebellion, Strife, Craftiness, Impatience, Sexual Immorality.

NUMB. 4:15
Let us repent for the near careless manner in which we do things generally. Notice how God spelt out the clear procedure and order for the work of the Kohathites. God specified in fine details, step by step how things are done.

Ask GOD to have mercy, to blot out every transgression, to cleanse you from sin, wash you to be whiter than snow, to create in you a new heart and to make you blameless in His sight.

MAL. 3:3
Invite GOD to sit over your life as a Refiner’s fire and a Washerman’s soap. Plead with Him to purify you as His priest.
Ask God to use you as a vessel to raise people around you and under you to the level of the Joseph, Daniel and Esther church.

NUMB. 22:22-32
Pray that in your life the desire to stand beside God even in seeming obscurity in order to do His will, will be stronger than the desire to stand before men in order to be counted important. Ask God to help you do better than Balaam the prophet.

Pray to receive the grace to develop the spirit of an overcomer, the grace to resist evil. Ask God to deliver you from every unholy alliances and all the glamour of this evil age.

Proclaim ROM. 12: 9-21 – Repeat the passage two times with strong lifted up voices. Pray and appropriate all the Christian virtues in this passage.

PSALM 68:31
GOD desires to transform us into Princes and Honourable Personalities. Pray therefore and ask GOD to cloth you with the character of honour, diligence and integrity.

1 CHRON. 4:9
Jabez had brethren but he was MORE honourable than all of them despite his unpleasant circumstances. Ask GOD to make you into an honourable and trustworthy personality.

You remember Reuben and Esau in the bible. While Reuben was always unstable, Esau despised his birthright.

Cry out to GOD and reject the anointing and dispositions that worked in these two men.

Ask GOD to enroll you into the school of the Holy Spirit and teach you how to walk with Him on daily basis. Ask Him to teach you how to handle power, money and the opposite sex.

MICAH 4:11
Ask GOD to make you strong and determined in the inner man so that you are positioned to overcome all the defilement of Babylon.

MICAH 4:13
Pray that GOD will make your horn iron and give you shoes of brass. Commit yourself henceforth no longer to operate with plastic and wooden horns.

Pray and agree with GOD that all He purposes to achieve in you and through you will not be aborted in this season.

Break bread and seal your prayers with thanksgiving.



The thrust of the present administration for the oil and gas sector is not clear. On one hand, they announced that in a short while Nigeria will no longer import refined products and that all refineries will come on stream, and in another breath they said that it is far cheaper to import fuel than to produce locally. While this confusion is going on, fuel scarcity prevails in the nation with Nigerians spending hours on fuel queues.

Take this song a few times as a prophetic declaration:

Nigeria will flourish again (4ce)
God will heal the land, restore us again,
Nigeria will flourish again

Begin by giving thanks and praise to God for endowing and enriching Nigeria with oil resource.

DEUT. 8:7- 10; JOB 29:1-6
Thank God for the great abundance of land and the mineral deposits He placed in it because of His redemptive purpose for our nation.

Thank Him for the Level of physical development and personal economic prosperity facilitated by the resource of oil over the years.

Thank God for how the wealth generated through the oil sector in the past had launched the nation into fame and global renown despite our various shortcomings

Thank God for how He has remained faithful to us in spite of the way we have misused His resources.

1SAM. 8:1-3;12:3
Bring repentance for our wrong attitude, carelessness, corruption and wasteful living as a result the oil money and wealth.

Confess and plead for God’s mercy over the ways our leaders and all their collaborators, big and small, within and outside Nigeria have connived to share and loot the major part of our oil proceed over the years.

Repent and plead for God’s mercy for the blood of those who lost their lives for various reasons as a result of the mismanagement of the oil revenue over the years.

LUKE 5:12-12-14; EPH. 5:26
Make atonement and obtain cleansing for the nation by the blood of Jesus from the reproach which the evil of corruption has brought upon the nation.
JOEL 2:17-27; JER 31:7-7-14
Ask that God would give us and our government the wisdom, revelation and grace to take responsibility for national resource management.

Plead the Blood of Jesus to redeem our oil and gas industry from corruption, bloodshed, idolatry and curses.

DEUT 33:24; ZECH. 9:13
Ask for the release of the Sons of Zion into the place and positions of responsibility in the management of our national oil resource so as make it a blessing to the people.

EZK. 36: 2-8
Prophesy the words of this scripture over the land of Nigeria, to recover the oil wells and resources which the heathen and wicked government officials have stolen over the years.

Ask the Lord to recover for us the stolen wealth deposited in banks of other nations, orchestrate the repatriate same to us in Nigeria as He did unto Israel in this scripture.

ISA. 28: 14-18, PHIL. 2: 16
Prophesy against all of those that have made covenant with death in NNPC and all their collaborators, the multinational organizations and their nations… and all who made lies their refuge and hid themselves under falsehood to loot our oil and gas sector.
Ask God to free Nigeria from their evil grip and proclaim that their end has come.

EZK. 36: 9
Invite the Lord to return in His mercies to heal the oil and gas industry in Nigeria; NNPC and all its subsidiaries, that they would become fruitful and a blessing to the nation again.

Ask the Lord to raise men like Daniel, Nehemiah and Joseph in the NNPC men with capacity to rebuild the organization.

Ask God to overthrow all ungodly industrial agitation by all the unions in the oil sector.

Ask the Lord as our Lawgiver to move the National Assembly to quicken the passage of the PIB bill that is before them.

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Pray earnestly that God would help the NNPC management to find a lasting solution to the problem of our refineries so that they will work at installed capacity.



ISA. 10:1-4
Use the above scripture to decree God’s judgment on those who use positions of leadership to make unrighteousness decree. Ask God to imprison them and cause them to fall among the slain.

Raise a bitter lamentation over the worrisome signals of state sponsored injustice, oppression, discrimination, and disregard for the rule of law.

Pray that leaders at all levels will manifest mature nationalistic spirit that accommodates all Nigerians on the basis of equality and fairness to everybody.

Bring repentance for the bloodletting in farming communities by Fulani herdsmen, and for the manner in which the Church, the southern leaders and traditional rulers have not come together to bring a strong voice against this wanton wasting of life and livelihood.

Ask God to avenge the blood of those massacred and scatter these over armed herdsmen.

2 CHRON 10:8-13
Bring repentance regarding divisive, ethno-religious based counsels that the current administration has taken in recent times that have increased tension in the nation and escalated the national fault lines: e.g. bringing Nigeria into the Saudi Arabia led Islamic coalition against terrorism, etc.

Let us repent of the use and mismanagement of the military and security agencies to settle personal scores and pursue political vendettas leading to escalated tensions and unnecessary bloodshed in various parts of the nation: Pray that the military and security institutions will become nationalistic in their approach to their assignments and be delivered from political / ethno-religious agenda.

2 CHRON. 15:12-16
Overthrow the idolatrous altars and thrones in the government of our nation, and in their place raise new ones that are extensions of God’s throne and altar in heaven (PSALM 89: 14; REV. 11:15)

EST 4:14; PSALM 72:1-2.
God has specific reasons for allowing President Buhari to sit upon the throne of Nigeria in this season. Present him before the Lord, ask the Lord to visit him afresh, take away every dross of ethnic and Islamic agenda’ and re-envision the President with a larger picture of His purpose for putting him on the throne of Nigeria at such a time as this. Pray that God will transform him to become a father to the nation, and to see Nigeria as his constituency.

2 KGS10: 10-11
Corruption is the bane of any economy and corruption is deep rooted across all facets of life in Nigeria. Pray that the anti-corruption interventions of this administration will not be mired in itself by corruption. Pray also that the government will follow due process and be very accountable, sincere and transparent in prosecution of the corruption cases. Let no corrupt individual escape the judgement of God as in the days of Jehu.

Pray that the LORD will by His Spirit search out men & women who will be drafted into the presidency and other government positions in the same way that God orchestrated the appointment of Joseph & Daniel in the government of their days –
GEN 41:14 – DAN 1:19

ECCL 10:16-17
INEC under the last administration that mid-wifed the election of President Buhari was truly independent and was not tele-guided by the government. Elections conducted by the current INEC leadership have been mostly inconclusive creating suspicions of political interference and escalating tensions across the land. Pray for the electoral agency (INEC), ask the Lord to shake up the entire establishment and raise credible and independent leaders at various levels so as to secure the integrity of the electoral process in Nigeria..

NEH 5:14-15
The cost of government is one of the major burdens of our current Presidential system of government. Pray for political will upon the Presidency to spear head reduction in the cost of government (salaries and emoluments of political leaders, appointees as well as cost of maintaining those in power including aircrafts, vehicles and housing.

JER. 1:10, MATT. 3:10
Root out all contrary voices, altars, priest, token and thrones contending the WILL & PURPOSES of GOD concerning the government of Nigeria; from the Executive to the Legislative and Judiciary.

Pull down all plans that run contrary to the Will of God regarding the office of the president of Nigeria, all veils covering the ears, eyes and hearts of those occupying these office be torn down, let their eyes to opened to GOD (JESUS) JUDGES 8:21, 2 COR. 3:14

LUKE 19:27
Declare Judgement against any powers that will not allow the will of God to stand concerning the presidency of Nigeria.



Close to one year after the election of the present administration, there seems to be no clear economic strategy or policy. Given the perplexing economic situation of our nation, we can only but encourage ourselves with the fact that the fate of our economy is in the hands of the Almighty God, and Himself knows what to do.
(JOHN 6:6)

Begin today’s prayer by singing this song a few times:

Come and take your place oh Lord (2ce)
In Nigeria, come and take your place (2ce)
Come and have your way oh Lord (2ce)
In Nigeria, come and have your way (2ce)

ECCL. 10:10,12-15
Raise a lamentation before the Lord regarding the lack of economic direction of the present administration. Out of 36 Federal Ministers, there is no single Economist! There are five Special advisers on information but not a single Economic adviser!

Pray God to raise the Joseph Company that will develop an economic strategy for the Nation. That they would be introduced to the Presidency and that God would touch the heart of the President to accept their counsel just like Pharaoh did and give them a free hand to run the strategy – GEN 41: 9 -14, 37-44

PRO. 16:20-22; HOS. 14:9
Nigeria’s economy in the midst of global recession needs prudent and competent managers to bring our economy out of the woods. Pray for the President to set up an Economic team of well informed and detribalized professionals who have global reach and will bring strategic thinking into repositioning Nigeria’s economy.

EXO. 12: 3 -4
Presently, the Government is creating a single-man monopoly across all sectors, by giving certain big business owners the licence to build refineries and have access to land all over the country for industries, etc, thereby pushing smaller business owners off the market. Pray for equitable distribution of income generation opportunities for all Nigerians, remembering in particular the teeming masses of unemployed youths, small scale businesses and farmers so that every Nigerian will at least have their basic needs met.

ISA. 54:13
Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) is driving the world economy and inventors are creating job opportunities for masses. Pray that God will grant our youths the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be inventors of solutions to the world’s problems so that they can create opportunities to move a large number of them out of poverty.
Pray that our school curriculum will be modified to teach our children entrepreneurial skills that make them creators of employment rather than job seeks when they graduate

MIC. 4:4
Pray for monetary policies that will set a level playing ground for all Nigerians making it easy to access credit at affordable interest rates to drive the local production and diversification of the economy

The Nigerian banks’ lending rate is too high and can only be accessed for short term transaction – importation/buy & selling and is very discouraging for the manufacturing sector which is the growth area for our economy. Pray that the government, CBN and the banks will introduce a single digit lending regime that will motivate growth in the industrial sector.

Agriculturally, it is the small farmers that are actually feeding the nation while the produce from agri-business (large scale farmers) are mainly exported for their personal enrichment. Pray that government would give these small farmers the support they require to move from subsistent farming to a more productive scale for the benefit of the nation.

Recently, Fulani herds men from within and outside the country attacked and wiped out whole villages to flourish their own businesses while abolishing eternally the economy of the farming communities in the southern parts of the country. The deafening silence of the presidency and the military coupled with the culpable weak reactions of the southern state governors and legislators leave much to be desired.

NUMB. 20: 17– 21, ISA. 8: 9-10
Let us raise our voices against the proposed grazing reserves bill that has scaled second reading at the National Assembly.

Report to God that this violates the precedents set by God in the Bible where He instructed the children of Israel not to take the land of Edom or Moab. Even when the Israelites wanted to pass through the land of Edom, they offered to pay for whatever they or their animals consumed and not take it by force or kill the villagers as we now see in Nigeria.

Pray that southern governors, members of the National and State Assemblies from the south, traditional and religious leaders, the Church, the media and civil society will all raise their voices against the proposed bill as it will prosper the economy of one part of the country at the detriment of the other. Pray that the more equitable proposal of creating ranches in the north will scale though.

The tax treaties we have in Nigeria are more beneficial to multinational corporations than the local economy. A large number of multinationals operating in Nigeria are registered in Tax heavens like Mauritius enabling them to reduce the tax they would otherwise be paying to the Nigerian government. Pray that the National Assembly and the relevant agencies will call for renegotiation of these treaties to the benefit of Nigeria.

Pray that the Lord will cease the peace of Nigerians that are co-owners of multinational companies in Nigeria so that they would push their foreign partners to agree to pay the appropriate amount of tax to fund development in the country.

There are other incentives to attract foreign direct investments into any economy and these include ease of registering and doing business, transparency and accountability, skilled workforce, adequate infrastructure, safety and security, predictability of government policies and favourable environment amongst others.

Most of these are lacking in Nigeria presently.
Ask God to help the government to create the enabling environment to attract direct foreign investors/investments and not just give away tax incentives.
Pray that God will look with favour on Nigeria again and open our eyes to the needs of the world so that we can come up with solutions that will create employment opportunities to enable us diversify our economy.

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Pray for the rebuilding and revitalization of the ports in the South East and South-South (Calabar, Port Harcourt and Onitsha dry dock) to boost the economies of the regions. Most industrialists from the cottage industries in these regions as well as businessmen in Onitsha and Aba main markets (2 of the largest markets) have to clear their raw material and goods through Lagos ports, and transport them at very high cost to the S/E and S/S. Let the Lord deliver us from such primordial economic policies based on ethnicity.

Pray that the Lord sustains the upsurge in the price of oil (presently at $41 to a barrel). Pray for the Minister of State for Petroleum and Group Managing Director of NNPC, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu for God to strengthen his hands as he repositions the national oil industry and end importation of petroleum products into Nigeria.



In the last few years, the alarming rates of violence in the world due to religious extremism and other causes have claimed lives and properties in unquantifiable volumes, and our nation Nigeria has had her fair share of the ‘shakings’.

Our societies are rife with cases of abduction, kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorism, ritual killings, cult, political, religious/ intertribal wars, etc.

The scenario can be likened to the case of Israel in 2 CHRON. 15:5 when, ‘…there was no peace to him that went out, nor to him that came in, but great vexations were upon all the inhabitants of the countries.’ Thankfully, that same chapter of the Bible points us to the solution to such levels of insecurity. It says, ‘But when they in their trouble did turn unto the Lord God of Israel, and sought him, he was found of them’ (verse 4). In these days of ‘unparalleled upheaval’ and ‘the shaking of the nations’ our only option is to turn to the LORD and seek Him, for it is in finding Him that ‘wars’ shall be made to cease in our land (2 CHRON. 15:19)

Start today’s prayers with thanksgiving; recount before the Lord His goodness and faithfulness to us in times past when He intervened and fought our battles against terrorism, insurgency, etc – PSALM 124:1-8

God has helped us thus far! He stopped political turmoil and all that was done in an attempt to break up Nigeria in 2015. Let us declare our confidence and trust in this God; tell Him that He is well able to keep us through all our present challenges – 1 SAM 7:12-13

Proclaim 2 CHRON 15:1-19
Confess personal sins. Identify with and confess corporate sins – family, Church, societal, national, etc.

2 CHRON 15:8
Bring repentance for all acts of violence and wickedness in our nation that have made our societies and communities unsafe; acts like adduction of under aged girls and forcing them into sex slavery or marriage, kidnapping, rape, ritual murders, cultism, armed robbery, beheadings, sabotage of national infrastructure, piracy, attacks by Fulani herds-men, etc – GEN. 6:11-13

Cry out to God over the violence in the land! Plead with Him to have mercy for the sake of the righteous – GEN. 18:20-26

Repent specifically for the failure of the Church to assume her spiritual responsibility over the nation. This failure has allowed iniquity to breed idolatry, which is the root of all the ills that now threaten national security.

Bring repentance also for the ignorance, disunity, lack of consecration and worldliness that hinders the Church from fulfilling her territorial responsibility over the nation.

Plead the precious atoning blood of Jesus over the Church and the nation for cleansing from all unrighteousness (HEB. 10:19-22)

2 CHRON. 15:12-16
Overthrow the idolatrous altars and thrones in the government of our nation, and in their place raise new ones that are extensions of God’s throne and altar in heaven (PSALM 89: 14; REV. 11:15)

Pray that God by His mighty power would expose, abolish and obliterate all groups, cults, organizations and confraternities that sponsor and perpetuate organised crime in our nation.

Pray that these groups and associations would no longer be able to lure and entice our youths, men and women into their membership.

Let God dethrone their kingpins, let the fire of the Holy Ghost consume their dens, hideouts and meeting places, and let the whirlwind of God scatter them that their names be wiped out of remembrance in this land – 2 CHRON 15:16, ISA. 40:24

Remind God of the numerous covenants that intercessors have entered with Him over this nation at various times and implore Him to come speedily to our rescue –
2 CHRON 15:12

Ask God to raise in the present regime a government that is capable of securing all the territorial borders of the nation, sea, land, ports, etc (ZECH 2:5)

Pray that God would help the government in the fight against corruption to be able to clean out our military and law enforcement agencies, as well as provide adequate infrastructure for them to be able to function effectively (ISA. 1:4)

Ask God to publicly expose the sponsors of violence and insurgencies in this country – Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, kidnappers, etc (ISA. 16:5, PSALM 111:7). Let God dry up all the sources that supply and finance them (JOB 38:17; DAN. 2:28)

JER. 42:3, JAS. 1:5
Pray that God would grant government the wisdom to address the proliferation of fire arms and the ease with which they are obtained to perpetrate violence in our nation.

Ask God also to grant government the wisdom to create jobs in order to address youth restiveness.

ISA. 7:7, PROV. 19:21
Pray that God would expose and cripple the external forces at play in the security challenges of our nation. Let God frustrate all negative global / international interests and intrigues that run counter to His purpose and agenda for Nigeria.

Pray that no insurgent group, political, religious or otherwise will successfully operate knowingly or unknowingly as a proxy of any outside power to work against the nation. Pray that no group, no matter how noble their cause in seeking for redress, would be hijacked from within or without to provide a cover for sinister operations (PSALM 86:17)

Ask God to put it in the heart of this administration, to begin the process of implementing the decisions of the national conference in order to address the myriad of internal contradictions that threaten the well being of the nation (2 CHRON 9:8)

JER. 30:8
After over six decades, Nigerians have hardly risen above the contradictions inherited before and after independence. This cannot be ordinary. Ask God to break that yoke and eliminate the North/South divide; let all Nigerians understand and accept our ‘oneness’.

ROM. 8:15
Pray earnestly that God would deliver Nigerians from the bondage of tribal, ethnic and religious bias. The enemy employs these to fuel and sustain decades of hatreds and fears which can be used as tools of manipulation by both internal and external forces.



Power supply is a major infrastructure investment in any nation. It is definitely indispensable to economic growth and other areas of national development. Coupled with the problems of vandalization of power installations, inefficient staff, and the selfish bias of stakeholders, the power generation in the country recently dropped from about 6,000 megawatts to below 3,000 megawatts leaving consumers without electricity in some cases, upwards of 7 days at a stretch!

To cap it all, the electricity tariff was reviewed upwards with almost 100% increase, Government has banned the use of the small generator popularly called “I better pass my neighbour” which is used mainly by small enterprises like salons, tailors and restaurants, meanwhile government is yet to guarantee steady power supply to enable these small scale businesses thrive and grow. We need nothing short of God’s help in our power sector.

Start today’s prayer by singing, ‘OH GOD OUR HELP IN AGES PAST.’ (SSS 513)

PSALM 60:11, 107:26-29
Lift up a lamentation and cry to the Lord for help in our power sector so that the sufferings of many would be alleviated.

Bring repentance for the sacrifices and dedications to deities like sango, etc whose symbols are attached to the power sector. Renounce such symbols, their challenges, claims and speaking against our power sector. Bring the blood of Jesus for atonement and declare that Jesus is Lord over our power sector – Isa. 44:24-26.

Bring repentance on behalf of the staff and other stakeholders of the power sector over the ceaseless disagreements with the management, frequent strike actions and other provocative activities. Pray that they will think of the nation first as well as resolve all crisis that have become recurrent decimal in the power generation, transmission and distribution.
Pray that God will bring a lasting solution to the power supply challenge in the country by protecting power installations from the activities of vandals – JOB 5:12-13

NEH 4:6
Pray that God would help the operators and stakeholders in the power sector to genuinely commit to turning things around in the sector.

Proclaim ISA. 60:1-3
Ask God to send help from His sanctuary for the National Independent Power Project (NIPP), the management, staff, contractors and other stakeholders. Pray that the hand of God will be upon them. Ask God for wisdom to properly manage the project as well as effectively finish the assignments on ground.
Request for the Lord to give them speedy access to funds when needed as well as proper accountability to the already disbursed allocations. Come against the mentality of project abandonment and unnecessary delay.

Ask God to uphold the management, encourage and strengthened their hands for this good work despite the prevailing challenges on ground – ISA. 46:10

Ask God to deal with the perpetual desolation and wickedness that has frustrated our power sector. PSALM 74:3

The economy and various sectors of the nation are not doing well because power is not stable. Most businesses, both big and small, have been forced to meet their power needs through alternative sources like Generators, Solar energy, inverters etc.

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Ask God to facilitate every government effort so to solve the power problems in our nation so that we can begin to generate enough energy for consumption.
PSALM 62:11-12

Proclaim GEN. 1:3 as many times as possible over our power issues. Declare loud and clear to the elements of creation that 24 hour power supply is possible in Nigeria.

Appreciate the Lord who rules over the affairs of our nation’s power sector.



Let us commence today’s prayers by proclaiming ZECH. 12:1-9

Use it to invite God to judge and deal with the nations that hate and attack Israel. Let Israel be to them as a cup of drunkenness and a very heavy stone. Let God strike their horses with blindness.

PSALM 132:13-14
Cry out to God on behalf of the nation of Israel. Ask Him to protect them from the potential of increased violence during Passover which begins April 22.

Pray that all the tissues of lies used to incite Palestinians and Israelis Arabs against the Jews will be exposed.

1 SAM. 2:10b
Pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ya’alon, asking the Lord to give them wisdom and understanding as the situation in Syria becomes potentially more serious to Israel and the region. Latest reports reveal that Russia has deployed its most advanced tactical Missiles system called Iskander in Syria. This is the first time it is being made available to any foreign army for operational use.

PSALM 37:39
Intercede for the young men and women of the Israel Defence Force (IDF) who provide security for Israel’s citizens. They must be alert each day for deadly situations that require immediate decisions.

Pray that they will put their trust in the Lord to be their strength and refuge in time of trouble.

ZECH. 8:23
Give thanks that in a world where the voice of Hostility is becoming louder and louder; against Israel, the nation of China has taken steps of strengthen relations with Israel. Pray that this will also lead to support at international forums such as the United Nations.

GEN. 12:3
Lord raise up more non-Jews who seek to support and be a blessing to Israel. May it be obvious to others that they are being blessed because they stand with Israel.

DEUT. 30:19-20
Pray that multitudes of Palestinians may choose life and find the living God. Lord pour out a flood of salvation in the Palestinian areas.

ISA. 54:2
Thank God for raising a body of young people in Israel give them burden to pray both for the salvation and for the survival of Israel.

ZECH. 10:1
Ask the Lord to prolong the spring season, so Israel may have rain even into the month of June. Let Israel blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit. Let their crops be coveted all over Europe.

ISA. 28:18
Cry out to God to break the covenant with death which the enemies of Israel has made. Give young Palestinians a desire to live and not die and the ability to speak up for life.

PSALM 33:18-22
Use this scripture to thank God for His faithfulness, mercy and undying love for Israel and her land. May He continue to shepherd His people and preserve them from the wicked counsels of the nations.

ROM. 11:25
Ask the Lord in this season to fully lift the veil from the eyes of the Jewish people which has prevented most of them from recognizing Him as saviour. Lord prepare their hearts to see clearly who you are.

A recent study ranked Israel as the 8th most powerful nation in the world. Israel scored below the United States, Russian, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and France.

Thank God that Israel is still the apple of His eyes. Ask Him to set angels in position around her borders to protect her.

JER. 23:3
Ask God to remove all the obstacles which are standing in the way of Jews desiring to return to the land of Israel. Pray to God to help potential immigrants with provision of finances and correct information to enable them prepare property.

ISA. 19:25
Give God thanks for the continued improvement in relations between Israel and Egypt. Israel’s southern border has been looking much more secure as a result. Thank God for president Sisi’s reliability as a faithful ally to Israel.


(Prophecy from Mount Carmel)

This prophecy was given in 1986 in a Prophetic Conference in Jerusalem, Israel. 153 prophets from 30 to 40 nations had gathered to wait upon and to hear from the Lord. The highlights of this prophecy to the entire body of Christ are as follows:

It will not be long before there will come upon the world a time of unparalleled upheaval and turmoil. Do not fear for it is I the Lord who am shaking all things.

I began this shaking with the First World War and I greatly increased it through the Second World War. Since 1973 I have given it an even greater impetus. In the last stage, I plan to complete it with the shaking of the universe itself, with signs in sun and moon and stars.

But before that point is reached, I will judge the nations and the time is near. It will not only be by war and civil war, by anarchy and terrorism, and by monetary collapses that I will judge the nations, but also by natural disasters: by earthquakes, by shortages and famines and by old and new plague diseases.

I will also judge them by giving them over to their own ways, lawlessness, to loveless selfishness, to delusion and to believing a lie; to false religion and an apostate church, even to Christianity without me. Do not fear when these things begin to happen, for I disclose these things to you before they commence in order that you might be prepared and that in the day of trouble and of evil you may stand firm and overcome.

For I purpose that you may become the means of encouraging and strengthening many who love me but who are weak. I desire that through you many may become strong in me, and that multitudes of others might find my salvation through you.

And hear this! Do not fear the power of the Kremlin, nor the power of the Islamic Revolution, for I plan to break both of them through Israel. I will bring down their pride and their arrogance, and shatter them because they have blasphemed my name. In that day I will avenge the blood of all the martyrs and of the innocent ones whom they have slaughtered. I will surely do this thing for they have thought that there was no one to judge them. But I have seen their ways and I have heard the cries of the oppressed and of the persecuted and I will break their power and make an end of them.

Be ye therefore prepared for when all this comes to pass, to you will be given the great opportunity to preach the Gospel freely to all nations. In the midst of all the turmoil and shaking, and at the heart of everything, is My Church. In the heavenlies she is joined to Me in one Spirit and I have destined Her for the throne. You who are My beloved, whom I have redeemed and anointed – you are Mine.

I will equip and empower you and you will rise up and do great things in My Name, even in the midst of darkness and evil. For I will reveal My power, and My grace and glory through you. Do not hold back nor question My ways with you for in all My dealings with you I have always in mind that you should be part of My Bride and reign with Me. Do not forget that this requires discipline and training. So yield to Me that I might do a work in you in time that is left for I plan even during all this shaking the Bride will make Herself ready.

For in the midst of these judgments multitudes upon multitudes will be saved from the nations. You will hardly know how to bring the harvest in, but my Spirit will equip you for the task.

And to Israel, will I also turn in that day, and I will melt the hardening which has befallen her. I will turn their blindness into clear sight, and tear away the veil on their heart. Then shall they be redeemed with heart bursting joy, and it will become a fountain of new and resurrection life to the whole company of the redeemed.

Do not fear for these days, for I have purposed that you shall stand with Me and serve Me in them. Fear not, for I love you and I will protect you and equip you.

I, the Lord, will anoint you with a new anointing and you will work My works and fulfill My counsel. You shall stand before Me, the Lord of the whole earth and serve Me with understanding and with power and you shall reign with Me during these days. Above all, I call you to be INTERCESSORS.



1. O God, our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal home.

2. Under the shadow of thy throne,
Still may we dwell secure;
Sufficient is thine arm alone,
And our defense is sure.

3. Before the hills in order stood,
Or earth received her frame,
From everlasting, thou art God,
To endless years the same.

4. A thousand ages, in thy sight,
Are like an evening gone;
Short as the watch that ends the night,
Before the rising sun.

5. Time, like an ever rolling stream,
Bears all who breathe away;
They fly forgotten, as a dream
Dies at the opening day.

6. O God, our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come;
Be thou our guide while life shall last,
And our eternal home.