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Lions Save Christian Missionaries from being Executed By Islamic Militants

It is a remarkable story of God’s intervening hand to save his people. Pastor Paul Ciniraj, director of Bibles for Mideast, says that he and other Christians were rescued from the clutches of death by a group of three lions. Ciniraj and his group were under attack from Islamic militants when the giant cats attacked and scared the murderous group away. “My risen Lord Jesus Christ has saved my life once again,” Pastor Paul wrote, “and I praise and thank God for His unspeakable grace!” It was Easter Sunday when the miracle took place. The pastor was recovering in the...

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Manipulated Romance Part III-The Root of Samson’s Calamity

According to the confessions of the Philistine masses and their rulers, the true root of Samson’s tragedy lay elsewhere than absolutely in Delilah; it lay in the mystical manipulations that they had conjured against him. Unfortunately, Samson had blindly assumed that it was still all a matter of might; of beauty and brawn. The enemies knew better.  They proclaimed it subsequently in their songs that Samson got into their trouble through spiritual manipulations.  Delilah had merely been a ‘device’ in some invisible hands.  Then the lords of the Philistines gathered them together for to offer a great sacrifice unto...

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God is NOT “Edumare”.

In a recent revelation shared on a popular Christian listserv, it was reported that God revealed to some of His children that He was not Edumare, as He is popularly called among the Yorubas. According to the recipients of this revelation, God said that every time worshipers sang to or called Him by that name, they would succeed in “importing demons” into their worship and perverting their prayers. He concluded by saying it was better to call God, Olugbala, which means Saviour, instead of Edumare. Here is the full text of the message: The truth about EledumareOn the night...

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